The Secret Key: Law of Resonance in Artwork

Initiatic Art, Resonance


Human being suffers from ignorance. The basic source of this suffering is the ignorance about his own existence and the goal of life.

Instead of understanding what is going on in his life, human being sinks deeper and deeper into ignorance due to copying mechanically the life of previous generations, anesthetizing his curiosity and enthusiasm for the miracle of life.

To get out of this vicious circle he needs a key. This key is a knowledge which was hidden during thousand years ago. This knowledge is a law of the Universe. The law by nature has a universal application and it effects equally the one who respects, accepts and uses it or the ignorant one who believes to escape of it.

The Law of Resonance explains how the Universe works in all his manifestations.

The definition of Resonance phenomenon is the repetition of a sound or vibration. In the human being, resonance is initiating and amplifying certain vibrating phenomena, consciously perceived and maintained through uninterrupted concentration. During the states of resonance occurs a continuous transfer of energy from the source to the receptor’s inner universe. All is energy, all is vibration. Law of resonance reveals us the different frequencies of the vibrations.

The initiated artist who knows and applies in his life the Law of Resonance will create conscious art.

Sometimes, the vibrational energy is extremely subtle and delicate; it works on the artist’s structures on different levels. There are gigantic focus centers of energy in the Universe vibrating with similar frequency to the specific energy points in the human being’s inner universe.

The continuity of this certain resonance in the artist’s inner universe can be maintained only by sustained concentration. The amplitude of the energetic vibrations induced and felt by the artist (genuine waves carrying harmony, meaning and information) is maximum in the case when these frequencies are equal, striving for infinite and the resonance triggers are constantly maintained. The attention always focused on the respective phenomenon is essential here.

The artistic work is a carrier of resonance. The artist during the creation process is in resonance with certain energies becoming a sui generis channel to manifest these resonances in the form of his work of art. The manifestation of the energies can be created by different colors, forms, rhythms, acts or words depending to the type of artwork.

Any work of art is charged with specific vibratory information, energies. The receptor of the work of art (the public) will decode the original message of the artist. This explains the huge psycho social responsibility of the artist, taking all the visible and invisible consequences of his work of art.

The receptor or the public contemplating the work of art will enter in resonance with the same universal source of energies or fundamental principles which has been codified by the artist during his creation process.


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