The Initiation Into the Universal Mysteries

Initiatic Art, Initiation


Intiatic Art is the art form that uses certain occult laws and specific spiritual techniques in the creative process. Its aim is to consciously induce different spiritual states and revelations to the audience, thus creating the premises for real inner transformations.

The artists belonging to this stream reach a certain spiritual level and therefore iniciatic art can only be assimilated by those who discovered and revealed their own latent potentialities and specific talents, using them as a path for spiritual evolution.

These days there are only few who know the mystery of initiatic art and the number of artists that put them into practice is even more reduced.

The “profane” art – the one that does not exploit the forms of sublime expressions, which would lead to a deeper awareness in a beneficial way and awake the soul – often generates resonance with lower planes and energies, which can leave deep traces of sorrow, fear and panic in the receiver.

It is important to remember that initiatic art has an educational role as it offers models through the issue it addresses.
The “artistic” models presented nowdays often lack harmony, are chaotic, egoistic induce states of confusion and disorder, negative feelings; generate complexes, frustrations, and anxiety.

Art is the mirror of the society in which it manifests itself.

Improving the methods of artistic expression and spiritualizing then it is possible to produce a transformation at the social level too.

The ancients had knowledge about the mystery of the sublime art and they held that through the application of some spiritual principles in art beneficial and cathartic states can be awakened in the audience.

In the Initiatic Art the artist is not a prisoner of his uncontrolled imagination.

Initiatic Art is always a conscious artistic expression. During the creative process the artist knows exactly what sources of resonance he follows, what the results will be and what effect will their artwork have on those who receive it with an open soul.

The creator of an initiatic artwork has to know thoroughly the subtle laws that govern the functioning of both the universe and the human psyche.

The initiated artist knows that everything is resonance and his work will deeply influence the receiver.

Thus, in a responsible manner, his artistic achievements will always induce only beneficial, harmonious and elevated states.


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