Meditation is a direct way towards freedom.
A mysterious step that takes us from the
earth to the sky, from darkness to the light,
from mortality to immortality.¨

“Meditation consists in maintaining the constant flow of the Divine Consciousness” says the great sage Sivananda. At the same time Art, according to Plato, means the creative capacity of the human being.

Intentionally or unconsciously, each human being during his lifetime is seeking happiness. He keeps searching for it because apparently he had lost it. However, according to many enlightened sages, there is nothing to be searched for, as happiness is the natural state of all human beings.

The type of Art that has as a goal the reaching of the meditative state is nourished by Silence, this is its source of inspiration.

Our reality is a life in a civilization with serious distortions of the genus, therefore of our own language. Phrases and words are associated with different meanings in the collective subconscious than their original meaning or what would be their etymological origin.

Art by its nature must be a meditative activity. However no more than 1% of the so called artistic representations are based on meditation, the rest on the contrary is based on mental agitation, creating and transmitting confusion and different negative mental states.

The art represents, expresses and transmits the mental state of its creator, the artist. If the mind of the creator is already purified, meditative and benefic it will give birth to the Meditative Art.

However if the mind is in a state of confusion, charged with the uncontrolled emotions of the artist, his creation will be subjective and will only express his/her disharmonious inner world.

In the Meditative Art the meditation itself is not the goal, but a vehicle to reach the state of inner peace and happiness inherent to all human beings. Meditation purifies and calms the heart and the mind. Meditation connects us with the inexhaustible source of our inner being. Meditation empties the meditator and brings Silence into the being of the artist. Silence allows creativity to be developed.

The meditating artist becomes a channel for the artistic expression. With his knowledge obtained from the initiation and from his own meditation he will know the enigmatic laws of the Universe and its hidden forces.

During the process of the artistic creation he or she will consciously choose the vibrational frequencies of his artistic work. This awareness will produce predictability and precise impact of his work: nothing is accidental, nothing depends on luck, not on the mood or on the ephemeral emotions of the artist. For this conscious artistic process we can call him, Co-Creator.

Until this meditative process is not present in the artist, his expression will only be something auto-therapeutic, which will lead him to dispose the phantasmagoria of his psyche, or in the worst case the poisons of his mind, which could never be digested to become nourishing food for the soul of his public.

The meditation interiorizes the meditating artist and guides him towards his invisible centre, which is the centre of the Existence itself. The reality of “we are all one” is revealed and the necessity to share authentic knowledge of the path appears. The so called “modern art” which expresses suffering, decay, the dark part of life; does not spring from meditation.

Love and compassion are the main qualities of meditation.


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