Ecstatic Sacred Dance as a Form of Initiation


Spiritual ecstatic dance is a form of active meditation; a prayer, a state of beneficial trance where rhythm and music are used for entering into a special state of consciousness, a state of deep relaxation, a creative state of meditation.

Rhythm and music creates changes in our being according to the Law of Resonance. The powerful effect of certain types of music can mean that our whole body and even our brain vibrate with the rhythm.

Practitioners of such music enter into a deep state of beneficial trance – this way they can experience the healing power of rhythm.

Sacred Dance is a means of travelling between dimensions, of entering more tangibly into a transcendental reality, the world of Gods we could earlier perceive only by intuition.

Sacred Dance, danced in a conscious way, is a movement that imitates the Dance of the Cosmos. Thus our body transforms into a vibrational instrument, an instrument of healing: we re-harmonise our being and the planet, everything transforms into a wheel of life-manifesting symbols; a living mandala. We reintegrate into the Cosmos and meet the reality of the essence of our being.

We become more aware of ourselves and our movements, discovering new energies that give life to our bodies and help us to live in closer contact with universal rhythms. This is the opening of new possibilities to discover our own unity, balance and to transform our communication with our soul’s plan and with other beings.

Each shape gives birth to a new wave, an inner vibration representing reality giving it shape and colour. Shape is nothing, but a part of the projected Gigantic Space through which Cosmos is manifesting itself.

The language of movement and music is a mathematical; based on precise calculations and units. Each movement has its exact place, timing and importance. Combinations and sequences of movement are mathematically calculated. Body postures and attitudes are choreographed in a defined order in order to create certain effects and emotions – this is the essence of Objective Art.

When executing the movements in Sacred Dance, each minute detail has its importance, nothing happens by chance. Certain gestures, rhythms and postures are possible only by representing a certain, well-defined state of cosmic or human life; thus they are a symbol of life itself. Sacred Dance is a natural state of Grace that can be found in each of us. Sacred Dance has always been and will always remain spiritual. It is the universal language which transcends cultures and civilisations and speaks about the essence of our soul.

Spiritual dance teaches us how to turn our movements into prayer, how to make our body an instrument for the celebration of life and peace, a glorious manifestation of all that exists, positive and negative.

This kind of dance is a kind of dynamic spiritual exercise to control the mind and the body. Sacred dance helps us to express our ideas, feelings and highest truths more easily in a physical form.


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