Creativity as a Bridge

Initiatic Art, Theatre


Creativity can build a bridge from the sleeping, mechanically active being to his full potentiality. Creativity is characteristic to all human beings, a quality inherent to human nature.

When we are unconscious of our breath, it becomes chaotical, when we are unconscious of our creative energies, they also become chaotical.

The source of creative energy in a human being is sexual energy.

A bridge is always functional, to be a link is the sense of its existence. The essence of its nature is to link the two shores. A bridge always reunites, never divides. It always needs the river to accomplish its mission.

Analogically speaking, creativity is a bridge from mediocrity to the highest manifestation of human existence: the state of Supreme Being, living at his full potentials.

Creativity is the power that enables us to build, discover, realize ideas of great value.

A human being using all his potentials has the chance to reach the State of Supreme Being. Until creative forces are latent in him, he clashes against his limits like a somnambulant – everything seems chaotic and accidental to him as if coming from an unknown fatal force, generating fear in his being.

To build our own bridge is our inborn right and Divine Inheritence. This bridge will be a way to express the greatness and beauty dormant in all human beings.

Crossing this bridge we meet the One we have always been are and will be.

At the same time, we have the right not to build anything, remaining in the mechanical and unconscious way of life.

Creativity lived and used consciously reveals the relationship between sexuality and creative energies. This power is at the disposition for all of us, we just have to learn how to use it consciously. This is a true pearl hidden in any human being.

Crossing the bridge the division between the the two shores disappears, the Unity of our Being is born!


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